Fleur de Lis Strong’s, Intricate Gold Fleur de Lis Lineage

Fleur de Lis Strong Lineage
Fleur de Lis Strong Lineage

Good afternoon. The gold fleur de lis lineage is one of our original designs. I am not really sure why I we called it the lineage, I believe it had to do with the intertwined artwork on the design. It was a good while back… All is well, that ends well… We named it the fleur de lis lineage and that is about all there is to it. A good design, gold with some shadowing, making for an aged, antique look, with an intricate belt wrapping the wings together. a very nice piece of artwork. We hope you enjoy, available on several items for your enjoyment, thank you for looking.

Fleur de Lis Spirit.


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