Fleur de Lis Strong’s, The Off Season


The Off Season. One of our oldest designs, dating back to at least 2015. A tribute to one of the all time greatest. A true icon for the city of New Orleans. He gave me a high five once in 2010. A friend and I went to a sales conference in New Orleans, lots of speakers, some political, some sports figures. I just so happened to be standing on the end of the row where the speakers would walk off the stage. I was a good ways back but was right on the end and so when Drew Brees came by I held my hand up and he gave me a high five. It was very cool. A good memory I have.

I also shook Rudy Giuliana’s hand that day as well. And my friend was able to shake Sean Payton’s hand at one point. He moved up once row in front of me onto the end of the row. Sean walked right by me, but I did not get a chance to interact with him.

We hope you enjoy, this artwork was originally to be released many moons ago, around 2015, however life takes twists and turns, many wholly unexpected and so here goes. Thank you for looking.

Stay Fleur de Lis Strong.


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