Fleur de Lis Strong’s Unique Fleur de Lis Family

Fleur de Lis Family
Fleur de Lis Family
Fleur de Lis Family

Good afternoon, thank you for viewing our fleur de lis family. Living in Southern Louisiana, we have seen many a sticker on the backs of cars, many a different type of family. From your average every day normal run of the mill, to Star Wars families, and Walt Disney families. We have even seen the tyrannosaurus rex eating someone’s family and, not to get off subject too much, but you have to wonder about the person who decided to put a t-rex eating kids on the back of their car. I mean, I like Jurassic Park and all, I even like dinosaurs, though I was a bit more of a triceratops fan as a kid. Them three horns are a pretty cool defense, plus your head is a big shield. How could you lose? Anyway, t-rex eating kids I guess is alright, as long as it is someone else’s kids. Or at least that is what my neighbor told me. There will be no t-rex eating fleur de lis though. That’s for durn sure. Those are fighting words.

We felt after seeing all the different types of families which individual people represented themselves with, we decided to design a Fleur de Lis Family. Dad fleur de lis, Mom fleur de lis, 2 child fleur de lis, and one fuzzy pet fleur de lis. We think it is darn awesome. We hope you enjoy. Our fleur de lis family design is available in a white or grey cotton t-shirt, and is also available as a transparent die-cut sticker. We hope you love our family as much as we love ours. May your family be fleur de lis strong.

Please contact us with any questions.

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